How are my apps protected?

Privacy Wizard provides a double layer of security to your apps. You can secure your apps with entertaining covers and a password.

When an app is secured with Privacy Wizard, anyone who tries to launch or open the app must get passed a security cover and password screen.

Setting covers for each of your apps helps scare off snoopers. Each cover has its own secret action that the user must complete to bypass the screen. After bypassing the cover, the password screen is displayed.

Protection features:
Password Protection–choose a pattern lock or a 4-digit pin code to secure your apps.
App Covers–select an entertaining cover to ward off snoopers. Available covers include:

  • Error Message - displays an error message dialog
  • Voice Authentication - displays a fake voice security screen
  • Custom picture - Select a picture from your
  • Fingerprint Touch ID - shows a fingerprint verification cover
  • Unknown Caller - masks your app with a fake incoming call
  • No cover - No magic cover would show up
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